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Intensive Mineral Pack

Intensive Mineral Pack
In our intensive rations we include a mineral pack designed specifically for feeding to fattening cattle on a high plain of nutrition.
Cattle on a diet that is high in sugars and starches are prone to developing metabolic disorders such as acidosis (both sub clinical and acute), laminitis and bloat. Left uncorrected, these will lead to significantly reduced liveweight gain, poor feed conversion efficiency, and consequently, financial losses.
Feeding this mineral pack, in the presence of good animal husbandry, has been shown to significantly reduce metabolic disorders, leading to higher daily liveweight gains, higher feed conversion efficiency and higher profit margins.

Our intensive rations, Superelite and Complete Bean Meal, contain this mineral.

Feeding this mineral pack will:
• Stimulate forage digestion
• Improve microbial protein supply
• Modulate rumen pH
• Reduce acidosis and bloat
• Reduce laminitis
• Improve feed intake
• Improve feed utilisation
• Improve daily liveweight gain by up to 11%
• Improve carcase gain
• Improve killout percentage
• Improve grading


DARD, Food Fortress, AIC, DFAS