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Circuit Breaker⚡ Opening Hours

By Capper Admin
20/10/2020 10:15
Opening Hours
Capper Fuels remain open for the duration of circuit breaker with social distancing measures in place.
Call in to stock up on fuel or order securely online.
Monday 8am–6pm
Tuesday 8am–6pm
Wednesday 8am–7pm
Thursday 8am–7pm
Friday 8am–7pm
Saturday 8am–5:30pm
Sunday Closed
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By Capper Admin
20/11/2017 12:32


 Prolonged unsettled weather has resulted in limited fodder supplies on farms across the country.  Poor quality silage with low dry matter and ME content is all too common!

 At Capper Trading we can offer a range of forage stretcher diets starting at just £153.00/t.  We also have a range of young calf and beef finishing diets containing quality forage.  Please do contact us to discuss your requirements.

 Fodder Stock:

To measure the amount of silage in your pit multiply the length (m) by the width (m) by the height (m) and divide this figure by 1.4.  This will give you the total fresh weight (in tonnes) in your pit.  Typically round bale silage weighs from 550kg – 700kg per bale.



As a general rule of thumb Suckler cows will consume up to 45kg of silage per day, beef cattle will consume up to 30kg per day and weanlings will consume approximately 25kg per day.  Feeding higher ratios of concentrate feed will evidently control consumption rates.