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Emma WatersCookstown

Fantastic service, delivered with a smile. Thanks

James Holland

Best quality fuel about, knowledgeable staff and always service with a smile !

Stuart Black

Ecobrite is the business... unbelievably better than its competitors. I will never burn any other rubbish again. Thank you Capper fuels

Ian PennyManchester

I would like to thank Capper Trading in general for their prompt, honest and personal communication. I wish all internet purchases were like this and I will certainly be recommending the company whenever I can

Olivia Reynolds

Great coal and heating oil at a great price. Couldn't ask for better.

Barry McQueen

Great value - great service

Diane Mclaughlin

Great Service and value

Davy Wingham

The best coal about

Nicola Cardwell

Great coal, great prices

Zelda RobinsonEquestrian Straw Bedding

I couldn’t be happier with my straw bedding which is treated with Eucalyptus. My stable is so much fresher and it stops my horse eating the bedding. I find it a superior product to wood shavings as well as being a lot less expensive.

Nicola Stringer (Moy Hill Livery)Equestrian Straw Bedding

I've used the chopped straw for 2 horses over the last five years. I find it absorbs much better than ordinary shavings smells fresher and keeps my horses much warmer in winter. It's also much more reasonable to pay than ordinary shavings. I worried my horses might have eaten it in the beginning but with the added eucalyptus in it I find they never bother. One of my horses has a slight nasal problem and used to get quite sniffly when being kept in due to the dust but bargain since changing to chopped straw that problem has ceased to exist. I highly recommend the chopped straw it's made a world of difference to both my wallet and my horses.

Melvyn Corbett (Rockvale Farm & Equestrian)Capper Bedding Stockist

We have been stockists of Capper Trading products for over a year now. One of our biggest sellers is the chopped straw with eucalyptus, as well as discouraging the greedy equine it also keeps your stable smelling fresh.

Ellie Corry Straw Bedding

It's a fantastic product that we all love in the yard. I have a small livery yard with 10 stables which as you can imagine can get quite smelly overnight. The scent of the bedding helps so much to clear the air and have the barn smelling lovely again. We also have three horses with dust allergies so normal shavings can't be used and we have tried for years to get a 100% dust free product and thankfully we have found your product. Again thanks very much. I'll attach a photo our foal having a rest so you can see it in use! Ellie.

Wendy Devlin

I purchase all my coal and fire grates here. Rate it 5star for a friendly and helpful service.

Patricia Gordon

Best ever for prices. We get our oil coal sticks etc every Friday. Great customer service. Highly recommended.

Paul BriggsGreat Service

Fast, friendly service. Thank you!

Caoimhe O'NeillHelpful Staff

Helpful staff, great online system, fast delivery, competitive pricing

Kay Antonia Maria WeijersExcellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service - someone backed into the postbox and it was exchanged immediately, no fuss, no bother.

Robin Good Online System

I think the carrier had tried to get the coal bunker through a gap between the house and the garage. There is scratching on it but not bad enough to ask for a replacement. 4/5 stars!

Ciaran BenvilleGood service and Good Value

Good service and good value. Delivery is included with price which adds extra value. No complaints.