Q. What is smoking coal?

- Smoking coal is also known as bituminous coal
-It has a high flammable content that will light up fast and burn faster than anthracite / smokeless coal. 
-Due to its flammable content smoking coal will reach a high level of heat in a short space of time.
-Smoking coal is ideal for burning in the evening time when you need a high heat in a short period of time
-Smoking coals are suitable for open fires and some stoves (depending on manufactures instructions guide).
-Types of smoking coal include Premium Coal, Premium Doubles, Triple heat

Q. What is smokeless coal?

-Smokeless coal is also known as anthracite
-Smokeless coal can vary in its flammable content but is generally much lower in flammable content than smoking coal.
-We stock smokeless coal for closed and open fires, open fire smokeless coal has a higher flammable content than closed fire smokeless. The flammable content of coal will impact on how quickly it will light up and how long it will burn for
-Smokeless coal for closed fires comes in two different forms; direct from the ground eg Grade A Anthracite or manufactured eggs eg Ecobrite
-Smokeless coal is ideal for burning in closed appliances like stoves and cookers as it burns for a long period of time. As a result of the low flammable content of the smokeless the burn rate can easily be controlled by controlling the draft.
-Some smokeless coals can burn up to 10-12 hrs, this will depend on volume of coal you are burning and the efficiency of the appliance
-Smokeless coal is more economical to burn if being used for long periods of time.


Q. Can I use smoking coal in a stove?

Before using smoking coal in a stove you must check in your manufacturers guide to advise whether you can burn smoking coal or not. If smoking coal is burnt in a stove when it should not be, it can invalidate your warranty and possibly damage your appliance. Most multi fuel stoves will permit you to use smokeless coal. If you are not sure check with your stove supplier and they can inform you. If your manual lists type of coal you have never heard off please call us and we can advise you.


Q. What is a Multi fuel stove?

People often believe that ‘multi fuel’ means they can burn any type of solid fuel in their appliance, this is not the case. It does mean you can burn sticks, blocks, turf etc…

But as mentioned in the previous point you must refer to your manufacturers guide to be sure what type of solid fuel you are able to burn.

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Q. How do I light my fire?

Firstly make sure the grate has been cleaned from the previous fire, sweep any cinder to the sides of the fire and have a clean grate in the middle. This will help promote air flow and make the fire light quicker.

Take 3-4 cubes of fire lighters and place in the centre of the grate. Build the lighting sticks around the fire lighters leaving a space so you can light the cube with a match.

Open the air vent on the fire front, this will allow air to flow under the grate. With a match light the white lighter cube. Allow the lighting sticks to catch fire, then add a small amount of coal 1 – 2 layers. Once the coal is burning well you can add some more coal. After all coal is burning well close the air vent on the fire font, sit back, relax and enjoy the heat.

Q. How do I open my coal bag?

Always open the string on the top of the bag. Looking at the front of the bag cut the string on the right and then pull the string and the bag will open.


Q. How do I make my fire last longer?

-If you are able to control the air available under the grate you can control the combustion rate of you fuel.

-If you have an open fire you can close the draft control and add slack to control the burning of the fire.

-If you have a stove, shut down all the draft control. Use a natural anthracite for all day burning. You should NEVER use slack in a stove.


Q. How far do you deliver?

Enter postcode to find out if we deliver in your area.


Q. How do I find the grate for my open fire?

-Bring your old grate to our showroom and we can match it up.

-Call our office to get expert advice on the type of grate you should use and then order it online.

-Cut out a template as shown below and bring into the showroom and we can match it up. 

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